Friday, February 22, 2019

Book Review

πŸ“–Recommend for Grades 7 and upπŸ“–
by Candace Fleming
This is the well-known ending: Nicholas and Alexandria, the last Tsar and Tsarina of Russia, were murdered, with their family, by members of the Revolution. But why? And what happened before? Find out about the Romanov family, the experiences of the peasants in Russia, and how the two worlds collided.
If you got your knowledge of this family from 20th Century Fox’s animated film Anastasia (have teens your age even seen that film? but then again there is the musical which I’m sure is closer to the film than the real story), anyway, if you have seen the movie of musical, you are in for a rude awakening. The real story of this famous family is a lot more horrific than the beginning of the movie portrays. The history of the Romanov’s is an interesting one and there are pictures to aid in the history.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Teen Space Program

Chicken Cutlets and Nuggets to Die For
with The POWER of FOOD Productions

February Break means awesome programming here at UPL and teens were treated such a program presented by Chef/Dr. Robert Dell'Amore.

Teens were shown how to make Chicken Cutlets and a side of pasta to go with it.

After Chef/Dr. Robert Dell'Amore came the fun part of digging into the yummy food.

[πŸ“·Credit: wishes to remain a secret]

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Book Review

πŸ“–Recommend for Grades 9 and upπŸ“–
by Justina Ireland
            It’s the American Civil War and the North and South are fighting each other; but then they face a new common enemy when the dead start to rise. It’s years later and African-Americans are trained in special schools to fight the dead. Jane is among those being trained at Miss Preston’s School for Combat in Baltimore. When families start to go missing, Jane tries to find one in particular, but gets caught snooping around. Her punishment is to be sent out West where a new town is being formed, but things there aren’t as perfect as the residents are being lead to believe.
            Fans of The Walking Dead should give this a try as the format is similar in the dead being a big part of the story, but it not being a complete zombie story. Jane is a likable character whom readers will root for. Unfortunately, the story is slow to start but picks up as she heads out West. The ending though will have readers itching for the sequel which is expected to be out sometime next year.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Did You Know?

Here at Uniondale Public Library we offer more than just books. You can also borrow video games to take home and play. Right now, our collection is on the small side but it will grow before your eyes.

Teens need permission from a parent or guardian in order to check out video games, but once they come in and fill out the form, you are good to go.

The video games offered are for three different systems: Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Some of the games we offer for Nintendo Switch are:

Some of the games we offer for PS4 are:

Some of the games we offer for Xbox1 are:

Stop by the library to check out all of our video games.
You can also stop by Teen Space to register for LVL 100 Gamers where you can hang out and play the games we offer with other teens.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Book Review

πŸ“–Recommend for Grades 8 and upπŸ“–
by Jason Reynolds
The Rules are simple: don’t cry, don’t snitch, always get revenge. When Will learns that his brother was shot and killed, he decides to follow the rules. On the elevator ride down from his apartment to the main floor though, Will encounters somebody on each floor who was killed because of the same cycle of violence. Each person provides Will with knowledge and makes him question if he will follow the rules.
While this book may be 306 pages long, the entire story takes place in about a minute. Jason Reynolds does a magnificent job of sharing this story about the cycle of violence in beautiful verse. The only issue readers may have with this book is the ending.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Did You Hear?

The movie trailer for
The Sun is Also a Star
has been out for around a week.
Have you seen it yet?

It's going to be even harder to wait now knowing how good it looks.

If you haven't read the book yet check out the library's availability here.

If you prefer an e-book or want to listen to the story on your smart phone, click here.

Got a CD player? Other libraries have it as a Audio Book on CD and you can find the availability here.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Book Review - 3 for 1

πŸ“–Recommend for Grades 6 and upπŸ“–

Berrybrook Middleschool
series by Svetlana Chmakova
            Each book follows a different student of Berrybrook Middleschool who readers will see in the other books. Books do not have to be read in order and can be read as stand-alone novels. All three graphic novels contain fun and beautiful illustrations that really do help make the story.

            On the first day at a new school, Penelope pushes away school nerd Jamie who was just trying to help her. Now every time she sees him things are a little awkward as she still hasn’t apologized despite wanting to. When the school Art Club, which Penelope is a part of, and the Science Club, which Jamie is in, find themselves in a war things get even more awkward.
            Anybody who has ever done anything stupid that they want to, but too embarrassed to, apologize for will find themselves relating to Penelope. She is a very realistic character dealing with social anxiety.
Library Catalog - E-book - Downloadable Audio

            In his daydreams, Jenson is an amazing hero. In real life he is the target of bullying, including by those he thinks are his friends. When his trouble in math class leads to him having to work with a tutor and the school newspaper wanting to interview him for a story, Jenson’s outlook on life begins to change.
            An intriguing look at what it is to be bullied. Jenson is unaware of ways he is bullied and some of the readers may find themselves not seeing ways in which he was either.
Library Catalog - E-book - Downloadable Audio

            It seems that everyone in Berrybrook Middleschool is pairing off, or at least has somebody that they want to pair off with. Jorge doesn’t understand it until he meets a girl who he develops his own crush on. If only he could form a proper sentence around her and she didn’t already have a boyfriend.
            A sweet story about first crushes and the romances that take place in middle school. Jorge is a likable character whom readers first meet in Brave, and his fans will enjoy his own story.
Library Catalog - E-book - Downloadable Audio

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Teen Space Program

with Miss. Amanda

The bad weather didn't stop some teens from stopping by the library for this month's Techno Star Hour program. This month we did Makey Makey coding.

With Makey Makey you can use everyday objects such a fruit, play dough, aluminum foil and even pencil graphite. We attempted to use modeling clay but the one purchased didn't work as a conductor. Instead we switched to aluminum foil which worked great.

Teens connected the aluminum foil to the Makey Makey controller using the provided alligator clips. This controller was hooked up to our laptops with the program opened.

For today's session we used the bongos and piano found here.
We also played Tetris found at that link as well.

While nobody was able to compose a masterpiece, everybody had lots of fun.

[πŸ“Έ&πŸŽ₯credit: Alan]