This Summer at the Library

This Summer at the Library

Friday, January 11, 2019

Book Review

đź“–Recommend for Grades 8 and upđź“–

by Jasmine Warga

Taliah’s mom has always kept the identity of her father a secret thoug Taliah has done some investing and discovers her father is famous rock star Julian Oliver. One day while her mother is out of town, Julian shows up on Taliah’s doorstep informing her that his father is ill. Taliah ends up accompanying him on a journey to see her dying grandfather and meet the rest of her paternal family. Taliah doesn’t want to make things easy for Julian suddenly showing up, but her desire to know about his past with her mother causes her to take this journey.
While the story is Taliah’s, the story of her mother Lena’s immigration to the United States is wonderfully woven in as a big part of Taliah’s story. Lena’s story is as told by Julian to Taliah and is a magnificent story within the story but also a big part of the main story. An intriguing story of finding where one belongs.

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