This Summer at the Library

This Summer at the Library

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Book Review

📖Recommend for Grades 9 and up📖

by Dana Mele

            A group of friends at an elite boarding school discover the dead body of their classmate Jessica in the lake on the night of a school dance. One of the girls, Kay, is a suspect in the murder and finds herself on a scavenger hunt to find the real killer or prove it was a suicide. When she receives what appears to be a revenge blog sent to her by Jessica, set up prior to her death, Kay finds herself betraying her friends in order to keep her own dark secret. Kay didn’t kill Jessica, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a murderer.

            While Kay may not be the best character, readers will root for her finding out what really happened to Jessica. This story is filled with twists and turns that keep it interesting. Readers will have their own guesses as to what really happened and why, and will enjoy discovering if they are correct. Mystery and suspense fans will eat this up.

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