This Summer at the Library

This Summer at the Library

Monday, February 4, 2019

Teen Space Program

with Miss. Amanda

Do you love playing video games? Ever wanted to make your own?
With Bloxels you can!

At last month's Techno Star Hour teens who attended used the BloxelsBuilder app, and a board with colored blocks to create their own video game. 

Teens had to use the blocks to design their setting and obstacles based on what each color cube meant. For example pink is coded as a power-up and purple as an enemy. The next step is to design your board so instead of seeing a boring blue square you can see water or instead of a boring purple square you can see the enemy.

The game also allows for creating your own game character. In this case the colors of the cube just represent the colors that will appear and have no other meaning. The same goes for creating enemies, hazards, power-ups, and more. 

For everything you create for your game on the board, you have to take a picture of it through the app to upload it for your game.

Once teens were done creating their game, they got to actually play it on the provided iPads.

Sound like fun? Look out for our monthly Techno Star Hour programs, especially June where we will be once again using Bloxels.

[📸credit: Miss. Amanda]

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