This Summer at the Library

This Summer at the Library

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Teen Space Program

with Miss. Amanda

Fun Fact: Miss. Amanda is a huge fan of penguins and thus the inspiration for this winter themed craft of Felt Stuffy Penguins.

Teens had the opportunity to try their hand at sewing, in order to put together their penguin stuffy. Using pre-cut felt, each teen had to sew the white belly/face piece to one of the pre-cut black body pieces. Once done with that step they sewed on two button eyes. Then they sewed the two body pieces together leaving a small gap for stuffing. After they stuffed their penguin, the finished sewing it up and then drew on a beak using fabric markers.

Some teens decided to personalize their penguins as well, and we don't stop creativity in Craft-rageous. 

[📸credit: Miss. Amanda and somebody which wishes to remain a mystery]

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